Our passion is to build on a turnkey basis audiovisual systems for a variety of spaces, such as conference rooms and auditoriums.


We will go through plans, together with the client's needs, goals, desires and spaces.


We design even the smallest detail. Every device, cable and control units appears on the designs.


Different devices need to discuss with each other seamlessly. Our programmers code it all themselves, to make sure it ends in a high-quality result.


We install all the equipment in place. We test that they are also bound to work.

User training

We train our staff so that they can safely focus on the content and rely on technology.

Service and maintenance

We take care of preventive maintenance and updates, this is an essential part of a fully functioning solution.

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Counsel rooms

Monitors and projectors, speakers, control panels, lighting control, curtain control, video conferencing equipment, and integrated conference tables

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Conference halls

Monitors and projectors, speakers, microphones, control panels, lighting control, curtain control, as well as videocontrol

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Real estate Info systems

Monitors, access surveillance cameras, alarm systems, speaker systems, central management units, as well as access control systems

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Monitors and projectors, sound systems, lighting control and video management

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